Commercial/Civil Litigation

We have significant experience and a successful track record in federal, state and administrative courts. We represent clients in all manners of commercial disputes, appearing in state and federal courts throughout the country. Our philosophy for litigation is to try and move each matter quickly for trial while recognizing the anxiety that our clients’ experience as a result of the process. Our cases usually move quicker with the purpose of promoting a speedy trial at a lower cost and force the opposition to a settlement decision or go to trial.

The spectrum of our litigated cases includes most types of controversies arising from commercial disputes. We also do administrative matters, arbitrations and mediations and represent clients in administrative proceedings and disciplinary hearings before federal and state regulatory agencies.

We have brought cases to the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Court of Claims, the United States Tax Court, the Illinois Supreme Court and in numerous state and federal district and appellate courts throughout the country.